The Secretariat General

SOH Jean pierre

  • The Secretariat General is placed under the authority of a Secretary General, the main collaborator of the Minister, who oversees the affairs of the Ministry and receives the necessary delegations of signature from the Minister. As such, he:
  • co-ordinates the action of the central administration and external services of the Ministry and to this effect, holds coordination meetings and forwards the minutes to the Minister;
  • defines and codifies the internal procedures of the Ministry;
  • ensures the ongoing training of personnel and organizes, under the authority of the Minister, seminars and refresher courses, advanced or specialized – under the authority of the Minister, the action of the attached services whose action programme he approves and receives activity reports thereof;
  • ensures the prompt treatment of files, centralizes archives and manages the documentation of the Ministry.

(2) In case the Secretary General is unavoidably absent or unable to act, the Minister shall appoint a Director to act as interim.

Structures directly attached to the Secretariat General:

– the Studies, Planning, Programming and Cooperation Division;

– the Follow-Up Unit;

– the Communication Unit;

– the Translation Unit;

– the Legal Affairs Unit;

 – the Computer Unit;

  the Sub-Department of Reception, Mail and Liaison;

– the Documentation and Archives Service.