The Inspectorate General


Inspector General

(1) The Inspectorate General is placed under the authority of an Inspector General. To this effect, it is responsible for:

  • the internal control and evaluation of the functioning of the central and external services, public and para-public companies and institutions under supervision, as well as attached organizations and projects;
  • the evaluation of the performance of services in relation to set objectives, in collaboration with the Secretary General;
  • informing the Minister on the quality of the functioning and performance of services;
  • the evaluation and application of organizational techniques and methods as well as the simplification of administrative work, in collaboration with the relevant services of administrative reform;
  • the implementation of the anti-corruption strategy within the Ministry, in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Ministry.

(2) In addition to the Inspector General, the Inspectorate General has four (4) Inspectors.

Mrs Eben Ebai, born Nina Fosung  inspectorate N°1

Mrs Bias, born Nguele Ahanda Lyse Mirielle inspectorate N°2

Mrs EDOU born MENGUELE Irène  inspectorate N°3


Mr. Philippe Richard Inspector N°4