External services

External Services of the Ministry of Transport comprise :

Regional Delegations;

Divisional Delegations.

The Regional Delegation is placed under the authority of a Regional Delegate who is responsible for:

–  the supervision and coordination of the activities of all the Services of the  Ministry in the Region;

– relations with public or private bodies involved in the Transport or meteorological sector;

– the issuance of national driving licences on the basis of the Official Report   of the competent jury;

  • the renewal and establishment of duplicata of the said licences.

Each Regional Delegation Transport shall comprise, as the case may be:

– the Road Transport Service;

– the Railway Transport Service;

– the Meteorological Service;

– the Meteorological Watch Centre;

– the Maritime, River and Lake District;

– the General Affairs Service.

The Ministry of Transport has ten (10) Regional Delegations

Divisional Delegations

Placed under the authority of the Divisional Delegate. Divisional Delegations of Transport are responsible for coordinating all the activities of the Ministry in the Divisions.

(2) They comprise, as the case may be:

– the Road Transport Documents Bureau;

– the Road Safety Bureau;

– the Statistics Bureau;

– the Traffic and Driving Schools Monitoring Bureau;

– the Meteorological Station;

– the Maritime, River and Lake Sub-District;

– the General Affairs Bureau.