Railway Transport


Director of Railway Transport

(1) Placed under the authority of a Director, the Department of Rail Transport is responsible for:

  • the formulation, implementation and monitoring of Government policy on rail transport;
  • studies relating to the development of the network and the creation of railway lines;
  • monitoring conditions of passenger transport by railway;
  • monitoring the implementation of the specifications for the concession
  • the railway, in collaboration with the administrations concerned;
  • monitoring the execution of the railway investment programme;
  • monitoring the implementation of equitable conditions for the exercise of rail-road competition;
  • monitoring the implementation of passenger transport agreements between the State-Dealer;
  • contributing to the monitoring of the commissioning of road developments envisaged in the railway rights-of-way;
  • monitoring issues relating to safety and the protection of the railway environment;
  • monitoring the operation of the railway heritage conceded;
  • monitoring the process of rehabilitation and renewal of rail infrastructure;
  • the conduct of investigations on accidents on the rail network;
  • the formulation of the regulations on railway transport.
  • It comprises:
  • the Sub-Department for the Monitoring of Railway Activities;
  • Development of Railway Infrastructure Unit.