National Meteorology


Director of National Meteorology

(1) Placed under the authority of a Director, the Department of National Meteorology is responsible for:

  • the formulation and implementation of the Government policy on meteorology;
  • the collection, processing and dissemination of Meteorological information;
  • the exploitation of data transmitted by meteorological networks at the national and international levels;
  • the establishment of weather information;
  • the development of weather forecasts;
  • the dissemination of meteorological information;
  • monitoring relations with international and regional meteorological and/or hydrometeorological organizations;
  • monitoring the meteorological and climate watch;
  • monitoring the implementation of conventions and protocols in the area of meteorology and the atmospheric environment;
  • monitoring of Meteorological Watch Centres of aerodromes in collaboration with the Aviation Authority.

 (2) It comprises:

– the Sub-Department of Meteorological Applications;

– the National Meteorological Centre;

– the International Technical Cooperation Service.