Director of Maritime Affairs and Inland Waterways

(1) Placed under the authority of a Director, the Department of Maritime Affairs and Inland Waterways is responsible for:

  • formulating and implementing Government policy on maritime, river and lake transport;
  • preparing and monitoring the implementation of laws and regulations on maritime transport and inland waterways;
  • monitoring the implementation of international agreements on maritime transport;
  • monitoring negotiations, agreements and conventions, as well as international conferences falling within its sphere of activity;

–   handling issues relating to the safety, security and protection of the maritime, river and lake environment, in collaboration with the administrations concerned;

  • the organization of maritime traffic;
  • the administration of vessels;
  • the administration of seafarers;
  • the study of the files relating to the approval of companies operating in the maritime sector;
  • monitoring relations with maritime and para-maritime professions;
  • controlling the respect of the rules of the competition in the maritime sector;
  • maritime police, search and rescue operations.

(2)  It comprises:

  • The Sub-Department of Navigation, Safety and Protection of the Maritime Environment and Inland Waterways;
  • The Sub-Department of Maritime, River and Lake Transports;
  • The Maritime Regulations