Autonomous Port of Kribi

Chair of the Board of Directors: Mr SIMO NJONOU Jean Paul

Directeur General : Mr MELOM Patrice

Deputy-Directeur General: Mr BAKO Harouna


PAK is a publicly owned company, reorganized by Decrees No. 2016/267 and 2016/268 of 29 June 2016 reorganizing and approving the Statutes respectively. It is placed under dual supervision: financial supervision with the Ministry in charge of Finance, and technical supervision with the Ministry in charge Transport. The geographical area of the Autonomous Port of Kribi covers the maritime district of Kribi, in the Ocean Division. The appointment of its Director General and Deputy-Director General following a Board of Directors meeting on 23 August 2016, and that of its senior managers following a Board of Directors meeting on 29 December 2016. The company is managed by two management bodies:  the Board of Directors and the General Management.


PAK manages, operates, maintains and handles the port of Kribi and the facilities of the port component of the Kribi Industrial-Port Complex.

As such, and within the limits of its port district, it is responsible for the following tasks:

  • General coordination of port activities
  • Security and police of the operations of the port and its dependencies
  • Equipment, extension, improvement, renewal, reconstruction, maintenance and development works for the said port and its dependencies
  • Management, maintenance, upkeep, maintenance and renewal of the infrastructure and port equipment assigned to it
  • Coordination of industrial and commercial activities related to port operations, including warehousing, stevedoring, handling, towing, mooring, consignment, storage, terminal management, pilotage, transit, vessel refueling
  • General coordination of all public services and bodies involved in or benefiting from port activity
  • Protection of the port environment
  • Project management of works entrusted to specialised companies, including dredging
  • Controlling the adequacy between the service provided and the related tariffs
  • Supervision of the port community within the advisory steering committee set up at the port.

PAK is also required to carry out the investment programme for the extension or renewal of port infrastructure, or the acquisition of new equipment, as well as to monitor conditions of its execution. Missions which will be carried out in consultation between the Autonomous Port of Kribi, the Advisory Steering Committee provided for by the provisions of Decree No. 99 L29 of 15 June 1999 referred to above, the Agency for the Development and Planning of the Industrial-Port Complex of Kribi and the National Port Authority.

As part of its missions, the Autonomous Port of Kribi is setting up a port data management system, supplied by the operators of the port area.

The Autonomous Port of Kribi may transfer or grant, within its port district, the following commercial and industrial activities: warehousing, stevedoring, handling, towage, consignment, storage, terminal management, pilotage and boatage, industrial activities, transit, vessel refueling.

Structures attached to Directorate General

  • 2 Technical Advisors
  • Department of Cooperation, Planning and Strategic Watch,
  • Department of Legal Affairs
  • Department of Audit, Management Control and Quality
  • Department of Communication and Public Relations
  • Department Information of Systems and Documentation.

Operational Departments

  • Department of Commercial Operations
  • Harbour Master’s office
  • Department of Finance and Accounting Directorate
  • Technical Department
  • Department of General Affairs
  • Department of Human Resources
  • Development Department