Kribi Port Authority : The Installation of Consultative Orientation Committee

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The installation ceremony of these members took place on the 19th of september in Kribi, chaired by the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Masséna NGALLE BIBEHE. Thos present in this great occasion were the Senior Divisional Officer of Ocean Division, the General Director of National Port Authority, the General Director of Kribi Port Authority, the General Director of Kribi conteneurs Terminal, the General Director of Kribi Multiple Operators and many administrative authorities in the city of Kribi.

The twelve members of committee have each a substitute. Alain Blaise BATONGUE who is otherwise Executive Secretary of GICAM, has been elected as president of CCO-PAK. This Committee has the vocation to promote the concertation and the sharing between different stakeholders, namely the public partners, the associations, the Government, in the development of the maritime activity in the port place of Kribi.

In his installation speech, the Minister of Transport declared that : « You have been chosen by the statutory organisations and administrations due to your general interest,  experience and competencies. From now on ward, you must devote your all  to see that there should be life in this committee. You must be able to bring up proposals and  solutions that can boost the competiveness of Kribi Port Authority and the national economy. Government expects from you, membres of committee, to turn the said Port into a major tool of « Great Opportunities » policy advocated and implemented by His Excellency, the Head of State, Paul BIYA. »

The Consultative Orientation Committee will have to reinforce the reflection around the strategic needs of each operators groups and port users. These are the pricing, the structuring equipments, the concessions, the master planning, the sharing of roles between different actors in the port. This committee must  also contribute to enhancement of governance of the Kribi Port Authority which is facing a major growth challenges. For this reason, strategic investments will have to be developed in order to create a catalytic role of growth according to the vision of the President of Republic concerning the future of Port.  In addition, the CCO- PAK will have to stimulate  a significative  increase in traffic volumes. This control of costs will help to create an environment favourable to  the emergence of a private competitor both local and foreign maritime operators.

Finally, this committee will be created , the ad-hoc working groups, especially  in the domain of agreements  development for exchange of information management, to facilitate procedures, search ,development and pricing in the port services.

This committee was created by the General Director of Kribi Port Authority. During the working of Consultative Orientation Committee, he has the right to participate.