Facilitation of road transport in the CEMAC zone

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CNSC’s Trucker Accommodation Centre in Dibamba is operational since 1 July 2019

CNSC’s Trucker Accommodation Centre is located at Dibamba some ten kilometres from the Douala Port and at the eastern entrance into Douala. The close to four hectare facility, which has a secured parking lot that can take 200 trucks, will go a long way to help the Douala City Council in combating on-street parking of trucks loaded with or waiting to carry goods from the port area. The truck park also has a furnished 40-room guesthouse with uninterrupted water and electricity supply systems and an eatery for truck drivers and their assistants. During the meeting, representatives of transporters’ unions expressed their satisfaction regarding the completion and opening of the facility that will help solve the problems of accommodation that they have been facing along Cameroon’s transit road corridors.

The General Manager of the Cameroon National Shipper’s Council had made this announcement on 25 June 2019 during a consultation meeting bringing together key road transporters prior to the opening of the Dibamba Trucker Accommodation Centre built by the CNSC. Flanked by the Divisional Officer and Mayor of Dibamba, the CNSC GM, Mr. Auguste Mbappe Penda had expressed his great satisfaction regarding the project that came to fruition thanks to close collaboration between public and private partners. The construction of the Centre is perfectly in line with the recommendations of the Chad-CAR-Cameroon Tripartite forum on the facilitation of transit transport of goods to and from the Douala and Kribi ports.