Driving licence : Securing issuance circuits


Thanks to the reform of the circuit for obtaining and issuing the driving licence, already in progress since last year, the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Masséna Ngallè Bibéhè, decided, since his arrival in this important ministry, to continue to sanitatize and fight against fake driving licences.

It is above all a question of reviewing the process of obtaining this document that confers the quality of driver. This is done while ensuring that having it is proof of a well-monitored and secure driving training. It is in this light that a new range of innovations was presented in Yaoundé, a few months ago, by the Director of Land Transport of the Ministry of Transport, Divine MBAMOME KENDONG. According to the latter, this reform aims at securing the entire process of obtaining and issuing transport documents. To this end, it integrates digital applications and state-of-the-art technology that provide an effective means of controlling these documents and enhancing road safety.

The alert
Figures released by the Ministry of Transport reveal that more than 2000 people were killed and 4000 more disabled in 2018 on the roads in Cameroon. The current year could well beat this macabre record when we know that road transport remains the predominant mode of transport used by the population, with as aggravating factors, the poor driving of drivers and the dilapidated car fleet. This upward trend of road accident deaths raises a holistic question about Cameroon’s road safety system. The driving licence that gives the quality of driver occupies a central place in Cameroon’s road safety strategy. The recurrence of the reforms of this important document underlines the will of public authorities to secure it and thus to make it a great tool to prevent bloodshed on roads. Trafficking and racketeering have developed around this sesame by some links in the chain. The red tapes surrounding its issuance have pushed users to resort to shortcuts. On observation, the computerization of this document undertaken to limit « forgery », does not seem to have eradicated old corrupt practices. We have to be able to prescribe more vigorous actions so that the carnage on our roads stops. This « second generation » reform announced by the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Masséna NGALLE BIBEHE, is therefore timely. It is conducted with all the seriousness necessary to stop the bloodshed on our roads.

It is hoped that this revolution will profoundly address the problems that arise upstream of the driving licence. This entails for example that, the administration is to ensure that driving schools, before they are made available to the public, have the required profile, qualified monitors to provide quality knowledge and a training programme in line with the requirements of this line of activity. Their proprietors who have succeeded, through their union, to pick up the challenge of enabling any driving licence applicant to pass through their institutions, must themselves ensure the sanitization of the sector by disallowing illegal driving schools to operate.
Ultimately, it’s about separating the wheat from the chaff, so that the driving licence does not become the killing licence…

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