Director of General Affairs

Mr DIKANDA Eric Benoit

(1) Placed under the authority of a Director, the Department of General Affairs is responsible for:

– the implementation of the human resource management policy of the   Ministry;

– the implementation of Government policy on the training of staff in service  at the Ministry;

– the recruitment of personnel on the basis of a decision;

– the coordination of the drafting of the internal staff training plan;

– monitoring the improvement of working conditions;

– the preparation of administrative acts for internal personnel management;

– the preparation of measures for the posting of staff within the ministry;

– the examination of the disciplinary files of internal personnel;

– the implementation of legal and statutory instruments relating to the staff expenditure of the Ministry;

– the preparation of salary elements and accessories of personnel in service in the Ministry;

–  the capture and validation in the salary of the management of acts of recruitment, promotion, appointment, advancement in seniority and grade;

– the capture and validation in the salary of the various allowances and bonuses;

– the capture and validation in the salary of family allowances;

– the updating of the payroll;

– the drawing up and liquidation of the acts for the granting of rights to pensions and life annuities after visa of the competent services;

–  the formulation and liquidation of acts granting annuities of accidents at   work and professional illnesses after the visa of the competent services;

– the updating of the internal personnel file;

– the formulation, execution and control of the budget of the Ministry;

–  the preparation of Tender Documents and the monitoring of the execution public contracts within the Ministry;

– controlling the respect of procurement procedures;

– keeping the file and statistics on public contracts;

– the preservation of public contract documents;

– monitoring the execution of works and service provision;

– the management and maintenance of the movable and immovable property of  the Ministry.

 (2) It comprises :

– the SIGIPES Project Management Unit;

– the Sub-Department of Personnel, Salary and Pensions

– the Sub-Department of Budget, Material and Maintenance.