Cameroon-USA in the field of transport: Ambassador Christopher J. Lamora at MINT

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Cameroon-United States cooperation in the field of transport

Ambassador Christopher J. Lamora at MINT

The United States Ambassador to Cameroon, Christopher J. Lamora was the guest of the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Ngallè Bibéhè, on August 10, 2022. On the menu of exchanges, the inventory of USA-Cameroon cooperation in the field of transport.
The new US Ambassador to Cameroon, who presented his credentials last April, is on the ground today to touch on the state of relations between his country, the United States and Cameroon in different areas. . At the Ministry of Transport, where he was received by the Minister of Transport Jean Ernest Ngallè Bibéhè, accompanied for the occasion by the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Transport, Njoya Zakariaou, the concerns focused on three essential areas: air transport, rail transport and maritime transport. The various directors, including that of Maritime Affairs and Waterways, Civil Aviation and Rail Transport, who accompanied the Minister, each outlined the main lines of cooperation with American structures.
The state of concerns of the maritime sector was presented by the Director of Maritime Affairs and Waterways (DAMVN), Mr. Nlend Jean. It was about maritime safety and environmental protection. It should be noted here that the compliance of security codes in the ports of the sub-region is an important module for the coordination of information. To this end, the ISPS code, initiated at the instigation of the USA, with a view to securing Cameroon’s maritime and port entrances, is a concern that must be effective at the Autonomous Port of Douala (PAD). In the same vein, mention was made of the assistance of the US Coast Guard for the popularization and evolution of the implementation of the provisions of this ISPS code.