When does the suspension of a driving licence occur?

Without prejudice to sanctions provided for by the provisions of the Penal Code of each Member State and the specific road safety regulations imposed on drivers, any driving licence may be suspended for a maximum period of 1 year for the following offences:

– overspeeding;

– driving in a state of intoxication or drunk driving noted by the breathalyzer test for a blood alcohol level greater than 0.8g / L of blood;

– hit and run;

– driving without a corresponding licence; repeat offender;

– telephone conversation and/or use of the mobile phone while driving;;

– homicide or unintentional injury resulting in total incapacity to work for more than three (3) months while driving a motor vehicle;

– driving when the driving licence has been suspended;

– all other offences giving rise to the suspension of the driving licence, as well as the duration thereof, are set by the Minister of Transport of the State in which the suspension applies.