When does the impoundment of a vehicle occur?         

Impoundment is ordered by a law enforcement officer in one of the following cases:

  1. a) a violation of the provisions of Article 30 of the Highway Code when the driver is absent or refuses, on the instruction of law enforcement officers, to stop improper parking;
  2. b) parking at the same point on the public highway for a period exceeding seven (7) consecutive days;
  3. c) lack of repairs prescribed on the roadworthiness certificate;
  4. d) long-term fixed assets for which the offender (owner or driver of the vehicle) has not justified the effective termination of the offence within forty-eight (48) hours;
  5. e) failure to present the insurance certificate;
  6. f) absence of lighting and signalling light device;
  7. g) absence of braking devices in good working order.