What are the required documents and fees for an application for conversion of a military driver’s licence?

Documents to be attached to the application and the fees to be paid for an application for renewal of a military driver’s licence are as follows:

  • an attestattion of authenticity of military driving licence;
  • two (02) color photos on a white background less than three (03) months old in 4X4 format 4, with glasses if the applicant is wearing them on medical prescription;
  • a certified true copy of the national identity card
  • a regular medical certificate issued by a doctor of public health services;
  • a fiscal stamp of 1,000 CFAF;
  • a receipt of 1,000 FCFA;
  • the stamp duty of the driving licence of 5,000 CFAF.


The military driver’s licence must be returned to the holder with the civil licence.