What are the offences related to the protection of the road heritage?

Offences related to the protection of the road heritage are as follows:

1°- the putting into circulation of an unregistered or unrecognized vehicle conforming to a type already approved;

2°- putting into circulation of a vehicle discarded by the technical control or not subjected to the technical control;

3°- exceeding the authorized total weight under load, exceeding the axle load and not respecting the size;

4°- the refusal to drive the vehicle at weighting;

5°- a false registration of weight on the construction sheet and/or on the registration certificate;

6°- the voluntary destruction of road equipment;

7°- the dumping or deposit, as the case may be, of any product and /or object considered dangerous for the road and /or traffic;

8°- the destruction and/or unintentional damage caused to the road and/or road equipment;

9°- the unauthorized occupation of the right of way of the road;

10°- unauthorized crossing of a rain barrier or a point barrier;

11°- the private realization of works on the road right-of-way without authorization;

12°-. the private realization of work on the right of way of the road with authorization, but without the respect of technical standards.