In which case should a vehicle impounded?

A vehicle should be impounded when:

  1. a) the driver is in a state of drunkenness or intoxication ;
  2. b) the driver does not hold the category of licence required for the driving of his/her vehicle;
  3. c) the vehicle is travelling with a pharmacy box that does not comply with regulations;
  4. d) the state of the vehicle, its weight, loading and axle load, and the shape, nature, state and conditions of the surface of the tyres, the pressure on the ground, as well as the absence, non-conformity, defectiveness of its regulatory equipment with regard to brakes and lighting that is definitely a danger to users or a threat to the integrity of the roadway;
  5. e) the driver cannot present an exceptional transport licence, provided for in Articles 60 and 62 of the Highway Code;
  6. f) the vehicle is moving in violation of regulations relating to the rain barriers

g); the vehicle is moving without a valid roadworthiness certificate;

  1. h) the driver of a transport vehicle for someone else is unable to show the driving documents (s) with which the vehicle must be equipped;
  2. i) the vehicle or its equipment devices are not approved.