Content of the application file to open a driving school 

  Applicants for the opening of a driving school should provide the following documents:

–  A stamped application on the regulatory Form;

–  A Certificate of Non Conviction (Form No.3) of the promoter or main manager of less than one (1) month;

– A certified true copy of the national identity card for natural persons;

– Files of driving instructors (two (2) at least) and of the director, including each:

* a certified true copy of the driving license for the category taught;

* a certificate of competence to teach motor vehicle driving (CAPEC)

* an attestation issued by the Minister in charge of Transport certifying that the instructor has effectively driven for three (3) months without being subject to driving license suspension or withdrawal ;

* an ownership title or rental certificate of the furnished premise for driving teaching;

* a list of already acquired didactic equipment;

* a statute for legal persons.