jeudi, février 02, 2023

Road safety campaign

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Cameroon gains laurels in Accra : 22nd Board Meeting of the Regional Maritime University (RMU)

As part of the resolutions at the end of the said Board Meeting which held on 14 June 2019, the Post of Director of Academic Affairs was exclusively reserved to a Cameroonian, the Minister of Transport was elected Board Chair till the next session that will hold in Cameroon and during which the RMU will […]

Interview protocol addressed to the director of road transport (dtr), divine mbamome nkendong

At the end of this training, what will staff be capable of doing exactly? It should first be noted that the acquisition of these radars is part of all the actions taken by the Ministry of Transport (MINT) to reduce road accidents, especially those related to overspeeding. Indeed, each year, more than 1.3 million people […]

Driving licence : Securing issuance circuits

Thanks to the reform of the circuit for obtaining and issuing the driving licence, already in progress since last year, the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Masséna Ngallè Bibéhè, decided, since his arrival in this important ministry, to continue to sanitatize and fight against fake driving licences. It is above all a question of reviewing […]