Discours du MINT à l’occasion de sa visite de travail à Limbe


The Governor of the South West Region,
The Senior Divisional Officer for Fako,
The City Mayor of Limbe,
Social partners of the Ministry of Transport,

Promoters of vehicle technical control centres,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a real pleasure and a great honour for me this day, to chair the working session relating to the evaluation of the level of execution of specifications assigned to the Government, as concern Transport, within the framework of preparations for the African Nations Championship abbreviated CHAN 2021.
On this occasion, I would particularly like to thank the City Mayor of Limbe and his team for accepting to take part in this evaluation exercise, and for the warm welcome reserved to me and my delegation.
My thanks also go to all the people who, on a daily basis, work to make our transport systems safe, fluid and comfortable, thus, reflecting international standards.
This beautiful seaside town, known across borders for its hospitality and considered by all, to be « the town of Friendship », is the place where I decided to start my assessment tour.
Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
As you know, our country is about to host a major international competition.
This reflects all the responsibility incumbent on our sector of activity because transport systems represent the showcase of a country and the HEAD OF STATE, HIS EXCELLENCY, PAUL BIYA attaches the greatest attention to it, being firmly resolved to the success of this event.
To this end, I therefore call on actors in the transport sector, to fully play their role in strict compliance with the regulations in force and barrier measures against the COVID 19 pandemic.
I seize this opportunity, to salute the considerable efforts already made in this area by 50 taxi drivers, who will soon receive their category T driving licences, commonly known as road worthiness certificate
For those involved in urban taxi transport, it should be noted that, the exercise of this profession is subject to obtaining the aforementioned road certificate.
Said certificate, which falls under the category of special licences, materialises the taxi driver’s knowledge and skills in the city.
As such, the Ministry of Transport stands ready to support you in this professionalisation process, through the organisation of special driving licence examination sessions in this category.

Moreover, as I entered the city, I noticed that several taxis in circulation do not have number plates.
I urge officials to:
– remedy these shortcomings;
– ensure that their vehicles are in good technical state, hence the need to carry out technical inspections in approved centres;
– to be of good character, be careful with your language and be polite;
– ensure that, the face mask is worn on board the vehicle;
– systematically disinfect the interior of the vehicle after every errand;
– avoid overloading;
– guarantee comfort and quality of service to users.
As concerns commercial bike riders,
aware of the important role you play in the passenger transport chain, specifically in serving in areas which are inaccessible by other means of transport and ensuring the link between peripheral and urban areas up to the authorised limit,
I urge you generally, to respect the highway code and particularly, to obtain a category  » A  » driving licence, to wear a helmet, to shun overloading, the consumption of narcotics (alcohol and drugs) and to identify yourself by using a numbered chasuble from your respective council areas.
Rest assured, we will continue to support you in carrying out your activity.
We already organised 69 training sessions for 11,000 commercial bike riders in the 10 regions, and 61 special examination sessions for the category  » A  » driving licence during the year 2020, we will continue in this vein.
As for actors of mass interurban transport, information in my possession indicates:

– abusive exploitation of drivers who work without an employment contract, without medical follow-up, without salary or social security, without respecting the rest time and the driver’s rotation schedule;

– the employment of drivers with driving licences whose categories do not correspond to the type of vehicles driven;
– failure to wear a seat belt;
– use of vehicles in poor technical state
– over speeding and overloading;
– driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
All of these practices and behaviours promote the occurrence of road accidents. Statistics on road accidents also show that 2/3 of accidents are caused by over speeding.

It is time to consider, in conjunction with operators in the sector, measures to limit vehicle speeds to 90 km/h.
It should be recalled that, in no case, should the strong demand for the transport of goods and persons during the 2021 African Football Championship, justify such practices.
You are not unaware that, the last days of the year 2020 were marked and marred by accidents including that of Ndikinimiki, which resulted in the death of several compatriots, despite significant means and efforts undertaken to curb road accidents.
The City Mayor of Limbe,
I therefore call on you, in conjunction with administrative authorities, to continue the efforts already undertaken by all stakeholders, to improve the road transport sector in general and to ensure:

– the supervision of taxi drivers and commercial bike riders;
– hygiene and sanitation in inter-city passenger transport companies as well as access roads to these structures;
– the organisation of traffic and parking in the city.
Because, despite all this, the fight against road accidents remains a constant concern of the Government of the Republic and the Head of State, His Excellency PAUL BIYA, further stated it in his address to the Nation on 31 December 2013. I quote: “Road accidents must stop. The vehicle must remain an instrument of freedom and not an instrument of death”.
On this closing quote, I wish you al,l Happy New Year 2021.
Long live multi-sectoral cooperation in the field of transport,
Long live the Republic of Cameroon and its illustrious leader, PRESIDENT PAUL BIYA,
Thank you for your kind attention.

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